Total Return Strategies


The object of this investment strategy is to generate absolute capital growth with the systematic trading of the major indices (stocks, bonds, currency pairs and comodities) by the means of their future contracts. It seeks to capitalize on short-term and medium-term price trends in bull and bear markets. Moreover, it provides a risk-return profile, which offers an effective diversification to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

A return of 4-6% per year is targetet.

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Multistrategy Scoring Concept

Total Return IP Strategy

The total return IP strategy is a long/short equity market neutral strategy without  long exposure.

The investment strategy includes an actively managed fundamental equity investment strategy, based on in-depth proprietary IP value research to identify equities with great innovation potential with a sophisticated risk management procedure applied. The risk optimized IP Index portfolio is hedged with its Index Futures against down side risk.

A return greater 6% per year is targetet.

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